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monitoring cisco WLC 2500 series connected client list


Dear All, 

I need to monitor the list of connected client to my cisco AP with the 2500 controller. 

I am thus far managed to monitor the number of AP, and also number of client connected. 

what i need is the list of client (thier IP, MAC, connected AP etc) 

so i can monitor from time to time who exactly is connected rather than just one qty how many is connected. 

i would like to do it using PRTG network monitor with SNMP v2 monitoring. 

is it possible to do it using snmp v2  ? if yes what is the correct OID for AP client list ? 

thanks a millions in advance. any help comment, pointer will be very much appreciated. 

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WiFi Trainers

Hi Harnsu,

I believe you are looking for this: bsnMobileStationTable

It gives the following information:

BsnMobileStationEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
        bsnMobileStationMacAddress                     MacAddress,
        bsnMobileStationIpAddress                      IpAddress,
        bsnMobileStationUserName                       DisplayString,
        bsnMobileStationAPMacAddr                      MacAddress,
        bsnMobileStationAPIfSlotId                     INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationEssIndex                       INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationSsid                           DisplayString,
        bsnMobileStationAID                            Unsigned32,
        bsnMobileStationStatus                         INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationReasonCode                     INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationMobilityStatus                 INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationAnchorAddress                  IpAddress,
        bsnMobileStationCFPollable                     INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationCFPollRequest                  INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationChannelAgilityEnabled          INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationPBCCOptionImplemented          INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationShortPreambleOptionImplemented INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationSessionTimeout                 Unsigned32,
        bsnMobileStationAuthenticationAlgorithm        INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationWepState                       INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationPortNumber                     Unsigned32,
        bsnMobileStationDeleteAction                   INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationPolicyManagerState             DisplayString,
        bsnMobileStationSecurityPolicyStatus           INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationProtocol                       INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationMirrorMode                     INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationInterface                      DisplayString,
        bsnMobileStationApMode                         INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationVlanId                         Integer32,
        bsnMobileStationPolicyType                     INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationEncryptionCypher               INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationEapType                        INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationCcxVersion                     INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationE2eVersion                     INTEGER,
        bsnMobileStationStatusCode                     INTEGER

Full info can be found here:

Best Regards,

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Dear Wifi Trainers, 

thanks for the prompt reply ... i am kind of newbie into snmp monitoring .. how do it translater that into OID ? for my snmp sensor monitoring ? 

tried googled it ... it confused me even more. 


Hi hansu

You can see all these OIDs translated here:

In your installation you cannot use this name bsnMobileStationMacAddress if you haven´t installed AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB in your PRTG installation.

I use Pandora FMS to monitor all my systems and it´s very helpful and easy. If you like to check it...

Network Monitoring

Best Regards

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