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john smith

MSE with CAS lic can be deployed without Prime Infrastructure?

Hello Experts,

i am bit confused and can not get answer around that if i can use only MSE to integrate with WLC and can upload the maps  on MSE itself.. also positioning the APs through MSE?


i know we can do it through prime infrastructure but this scnario i do not have prime !!

i was looking into version 10.0 of MSE where we can see the maps on MSE itself! can some one plz give a little more detail on this?

and if i can use only MSE to work with WLC for CAS?


thank you

Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Mentor

Yes, MSE 10.0 does not require Prime Infrastructure to integrate with WLCs.

Yes in that case MSE CAS/WIPS both work with WLC without any involvement of Prime



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Thank you Rasika for your reply.


but what about the building maps, can i upload them direct in MSE ?

i would have WAP distributed on those maps right? but without prime can i do that through MSE itself using 10.0 code?


thank you

You need Prime Infrastructure for the maps. If you lol at the CMX guide, it explains that you need to export the maps and then impost them into the CMX 10.  The only thing you can do is bring up an eval of PI 2.2 and build your maps and export them that way. If you make changes later or add floors, you will not be able to do this on CMX 10 and will need to do this in PI. You should look at getting PI since the newer version on CMX will have a connection to PI that will automatically pull maps to CMX, so when you update the floor plans, CMX will pull that from PI.


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Read the guide for CMX 10, because CleanAir functionality is free, but wIPS and analytics will have a cost per AP.


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Thank you for our reply.

i have Cisco MSE 3355 and the above link shows that 3355 does not support with CMX 10.0

and  will support for upcoming release.


any thought on the work around please.

There is no work around for that.  CMX 10 requires more resources and Cisco has introduced new hardware appliance for the CMX.  You would have to go vCMX if you don't want to purchase an appliance.


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