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Mulitple Anchor setup load balancing


Hi There,


I've got 2 Anchor WLC's and a couple of Foreign WLC's. All of them are setup in the same mobility domain.

As far as I know clients which are anchored to one of the two Anchor WLC's are load balanced on a round robin fashion towards the A-WLC's.

Now I've configured no session timeout but an idle timeout of 20hrs which works fine. Now clients do not need to reauthenticate often (a wish of the customer). But now we see that clients sometimes are load balanced to 'the other' A-WLC which means that a new session has to be setup which results in a new authentication process and this is not what we want.

Is there a way to make sure that a specific client always goes to the same A-WLC, so not on a round robin fashion but something like the hashing method of interface groups ?

Thanks in advance.

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Scott Fella
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There is not a way to do that with multiple anchors.  That is the issue with webauth per say, once the client is put onto the other anchor WLC, they have to authenticate again.

That idle timer is pretty high.... usually its best to keep that down to around 2-8 hours.  In the new code versions, there is a feature called sleeping clients that you can keep your idle timer down to 300 ms default and use the sleeping client which will keep the client info.  Sleeping client only works for webauth and not passthrough or email.

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Tnx. The sleepingtimer is not an option because it's limited to 1000 clients on the 5508 platform. We've already checked that. But I think the issue remains also with sleeping timers ? If you have bad luck and are getting load balanced to the other A-WLC you've to re-authenticate and that is what the customer doesn't want to..

Do you know if this issue is somewhere documented ?


Other question why should we lower down the idle timeout to 2 ~8 hours ?

hi Scott,

Please have a look at the image. If a Guest client is connected to F-WLC A and connects to the WLAN again before the session has been timeout there is no way to guarantee that the session will be anchored to the same A-WLC ?

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