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NAC guest server-user poster assesment problem

Dear all,

Please assist me for NAC guest server poster assesment issue.

Scenario is like we have NAC guest server and all wireless guest users authenticate through Guest Server.

Its working fine.

But customer  wants to apply poster assement on guest users through existing CAS and CAM.

Guest_users-------AP-------WLC------- NAC_Guest_Server----------internet


Hi Sandeep,

I think you want to configure "Posture conditions". Plz correct me if I am wrong. Plz explain bit more what really you want to configure ?


Nicolas Darchis
Cisco Employee

Well you simply need to integrate your CAS/CAM to the wireless deployment.

However, doing posture checks require the nac agent on the laptop and using this for guest is kind of counter intuitive.

Then how to integrate depends on if you want to do in band or out of band etc ... this is all explained in the NAC config guide.

Nothing to do with the guest server there.

Thanks for reply.

Actually in my network we have cas and cam integrate with WLC for internal users. Its working fine.No issue. Poster assesment and authentication working fine.

We have also NGS server which is integrate with WLC for web authentication fow guest wireless users.

It is also working fine.Authentication happened through NGS server succesfully.

But now I wanted to force poster assesment for wireless guest users which are authenticated through NGS server.

Hi all

Above mention scenario is possible or not?

Can somebody shadow some light?

Again, as mentioned in my last post. Do you realize that this means that all the guests will have to install the nac agent ?

From there, the fact that they are guests should not change much as far as I know, configuration is the same as for non-guests clients.

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