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NCS 1.1 License Center not showing Controller Licenses

David Rosener
Level 1
Level 1

I recently installed additional licenses on my 2 WLC 5508s. Then I installed NCS on a virtual appliance. Installed the NCS license, added the controllers, refreshed configs, created templates, etc. However, when I go to look at the License Center, I can't see any controller licenses. When I log directly on to the controllers themselves, the licenses say they are installed and "in use". I've looked all over and cannot determine why the controller licenses do not show up. Any thoughts?

NCS version:

WLC version:

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David Rosener
Level 1
Level 1

In case anyone is having the same issue, I heard back from Cisco on my TAC case for this issue.

It has been identified as the following bug:

Bug ID: CSCty14584 NCS license center: Controller licenses pages are broken

It won't have any functional impact on your Controllers. You're going to be inconvenienced and have to look at the controllers to see their license statuses. This will be in the controller's GUI under Management > Software Activation > Licenses or from the controller's CLI "show license permanent."

The bug has been assigned to a development engineer for fix.

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