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Non-Cisco clients cannot connect to Aironet 1100 AP

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Level 1

I'm able to connect my laptop (with Cisco 350 Aironet client) over wireless to the Cisco Aironet 1100 AP and obtain an IP address from the DHCP server on the network.

However the same doesn't work for non-Cisco (inbuilt wireless cards on other laptops). The non-Cisco clients do get associated with the 1100 AP but they do not obatin any DHCP address.

Any clues, what is going on here or if there is any limitation with the Cisco 1100 in supporting on-Cisco wireless clients ?


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Level 10

Try shutting off the "Cisco Aironet Extensions" on the AP.

Are you running IOS or VxWorks?

What authentication and authorization are you using?

Are the problem systems using something with (for example) the Broadcom chipset, or the Intel Centrino?

- Scott

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Level 1

I am having the exact same issue. All my clients run Cisco Aironets but I am unable to get any non-cisco card to get an address from the DHCP servers. I have tried using the built in card on the Fuji Lifebooks and a Netgear WG511 card. As soon as I put a 350 in the devices and set up the WEP I connect just fine. I am having a hard time explaining to my clients why they need to purchase an addition Cisco card for their Lifebooks when they come with one built in. Any suggestions?

What type of security are you running?....If you guys are using an EAP type of security, yo must make sure that you check "Open" under authentication type, and check "require EAP" under that as well. this will allow non-cisco clients to connect, but they must use an EAP protocol to authenticate. These options can be found under Security---->Radio Data Encryption

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Level 1

One thing I've had problems with before is if you have the two Cisco specific WEP encryption options turned on (Enable Per Packet Keying, and MIC). When I have those turned on I havent been able to associate or authenticate when using a couple of non-cisco products (HP IPAQ, and the older Intel Centrino 2100 wireless).

If I turn those options off will the users that are already running Cisco 350's lose connection?

Before I answer that question, what type of security are you running?

Just running static WEP right now.

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