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# of APs per WDS?

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Hello, we are in the process of starting to implement WDS and have well over 100 access points. I've read 2 different docs from Cisco, 1 saying that the max # of APs in each WDS should be 30 and another document saying 100. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience with how many APs in a WDS?

FYI, I'm planning on using an AP WDS if that matters and need to figure out how many APs I need to sacrifice to get this running.


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Level 6

If you shut down the radio interface(s) on the WDS master AP, it supports up to 60 infrastructure APs. If not, the WDS master AP supports up to 30 infrastructure APs.

If you use the WLSM module in CAT6K as WDS master device, it supports up to 100 infrastructure APs.

Unless you use WLSM, you need one WDS master AP per layer 2 broadcast domain.

I read the exact same thing in the setup for WDS, then in the new update for WLSE 2.7.1, it says

"Note A WDS AP can handle up to 100 APs in the same subnet if it is not handling radio traffic (a "dedicated WDS"). This requirement ensures that the AP has enough processing power to effectively handle roaming."

So that is where my confusion started.

I have close to 100 access points in one VLAN, so you are saying that I need to split them up in order to utilize WDS and have them all as WDS clients?

If you want to get TAC support, then youd better only have 60 APs per WDS, that means 2 management VLANS for that 100APs.

Right now i have like 40 APs on a non-Dedicated, with little client traffic, and its ok. If you dont need TAC, then id say that with light client traffic, you should be able to push those limits by at least 15 - 20 APs, it all depends on how much authenticating and roaming is going on.


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