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On WLC 'one-to-many' means one VLAN mapped to multiple SSIDs possible?

Does the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Architecture includes this feature (configuration possibility)?


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You can map multiple SSID's to a VLAN, but you can not map multiple VLAN's to an SSID.

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You can map multiple SSID's to a VLAN, but you can not map multiple VLAN's to an SSID.

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Thank you for this answer. Do you have also implemented (in production) such a setup or is this only documentation? Are there any dependencies (version, release, platform etc.)?

Btw the 2nd part ('multiple VLAN's to an SSID') doesn't make sense any way and was never a part of the question.

Well, the 2nd part is not quite true. You can combine multiple vlans into a interface group and assign the interface group to a SSID.

We have implemented both ways in production: "multiple SSIDs to one vlan" and "multiple vlans to one SSID". Both work without issues.

Could you send us the detail about configuration?

This provides examples of the VLAN select (interface groups) config on the WLC.

Unfortunately, Jeff's answer should not be marked correct, at least not on any build or newer where this feature was introduced.

Thanks all for the provided infos. We have now the same requirements for two customers -> One-to-Many (One VLAN mapped to multiple SSIDs).

Can anybody who has realised such a set up provide some more details how to proceed?

The link from David describes the other way around, several VLANs mapped to one SSID. By the way, we where able to implement this, but it is only supported in centralized mode, local mode (Flex Connect it doesn't work).

For any advise how to proceed for "One VLAN mapped to multiple SSIDs" would be very appreciated.

Thanks Erich

You should be able to just assign the same vlan to different SSIDs at different WLAN configurations. Is this what you are looking for?

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

You can setup one vlan and map all your SSIDs to that. That is easy, because you just need to create a dynamic interface unless your using the management interface, and ten create your WLAN SSID and assign that interface to that WLAN.

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Hi Scott, Zhenningx

Thanks for you're fast reply. Tried today again to set it up like described. And it worked. Can confirm that assigning multiple SSIDs to one VLAN works:

Centrally Switched: Assigned WLAN SSID to same Interface VLAN.

Flex Connect: Changed VLAN mapping of second WLAN SSID to the same VLAN ID of a existing one.

Both worked as expected. Really don't know howcome it didn't worked yesterday. Maybe we had something other wrong on our test wlan controller.

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