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Out of the box issue

mohammad saeed

Hi Guys,

I have WLC 5508 with this software ver. and I enabled out of the box and Enable Persistence in RF profile. The issue is when I installed a new AP will go to out of the box and Radios is's normal until now! when I moved the AP from out of the box AP group to my group the Radios still down and Admin status is disable but it's enabled inside the AP!! I restarted the AP but still the same. After that I unchecked the (enabled out of the box and Enable Persistence in RF profile) and clear all config in AP then the radios is getting up! 

Why that happened?

and WLC will choose Channel#1 for all APs in my building!!

Is it bug?

Any Idea please for that?



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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

When Out-of-Box is enabled, all the APs that landed on that WLC will have all their radios disabled.  

yeah when I restarted all APs became radios disabled!

There is no BUG, I am using the same version ( without any issue!

1. Create a separate Group (ex: APG1 ), move all your active APs in that group.

2. Enable Out-of-Box Group.

2. Now if you restart these active APs then they will automatically join in APG1 group and new APs will join to Out-of-Box group.

More info:


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I am really did these steps and rebooted the APs but radios still down.

yes I tested in my lab and its showing the same symptoms as you mentioned.

Here are my steps:

1. Enable the Out of Box AP group and  Persistence.

2. Reset a already joined AP to factory default.

3. AP again joined to Out Of Box AP group with radios disabled.

4. I moved the AP to other Group but still showing the radios disabled.

So what I need to do is to manually enabled the radios for 802.11b and 802.11a manually for each new AP.


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Yes but try after enable manually to restart the AP! AP will go down again! until you uncheck enable out of the box option!


I enabled manually and restarted (Reset)it.

result: Both radios is up after restarts.


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and you were enabled out of the box option?

Thanks for help

Yes it was/is enabled.


OK. But I think I don't have to enable radios manually! Right?

have you noticed also WLC choose the came channels for all APs! and must be choose unoveralp channel!

I enabled the radios manually for that specific AP.

my all APs are using a separate channel (Non overlap).


Even after enable it manually and restart the AP will get back down again! what is that! it's Awful! 

Do you have good FW which has no bugs hahahaha


could you please see my screenshots.

Thats info for APs joined with AP group not out of the box! and still radios down. Admin status disabled.

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