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Outdoor Wireless Mesh 1524 AP Power Question


Hello Group,

I curious, if I have a 1524PS AP that I would like to power from a power pole and the power pole does not have a street light or street light power control on it today but it does have 480V/277V power source, can I still use the power source directly by wiring the 40ft power cable in directly. I would think not, but I am getting a lot of questions about this lately so I am looking here for some help.

From the cisco documentation it says we can use 480V power sources. However, its a bit ambiguous in some places stated that it can be done if you use a street light power tap - is this just a power cord or does it include some sort of transformer as well?

My understanding is that most 480V systems in scenerios like this are 2-phase. However according to the cisco documentation for the 1524 AP you can power the AP via 90-480V power source. I am little nervous to try that here. I know 277V can be dangerous. Will the Cisco AP support cutting the existing power cord (40ft) and wiring it directly into a 277V/480v power source off the light pole? I have been getting conflicting reports from the documentation and others. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Is the AP power supply capable (via a transformer of some sort) of converting direct 277/480V power to something usable via the AP? The 40 ft power cable supplied with the AP looks like its made for 110/240 only so cutting and rewiring it hot into the 277V source could be dangerous correct? 

If someone could give me a definately answer here it would be greatly appreciated. We can't proceed until we figure this out.

Thanks in advance

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