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Outdoor wireless to choose~ Need help!

Lee Yau Mun
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,

what is the suitable model of outdoor access point and antenna to choose for 1km of coverage area?

i have no idea

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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

For outdoor applications, since I don't know what your trying to cover, the 1552 are 802.11n. If you don't need 802.11n then the 1520's. You will not get that type of coverage with just one AP. doing a site survey will help you determine how many and where they need to be mounted.

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Nicholas Darrow
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The 1550 series can serve 2.4ghz clients at a radius of 800 feet. So the spacing between mesh aps can be 1600 feet without overlap. I'd suggest planning for 1400 feet between Maps. The 1550 is going to be better than the 1520 due to cleanair, MRC, client link support as well as 802.11n data rates.

The 1520 series can server clients at 600 feet radius.

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