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Point to Multipoint using 1252a-n as a bridge and channel bonding


I have a project in an industrial environment  which requires high speed wireless connectivity between 6 buildings,one central and five remotes.

The maximum distance from the central building is 100 meters (take o look at the attachment diagramm).

I'm thinking of using the 1252a-n or 1262a-n access point to act as a bridge (root mode) at the central building with 3 omni antennas AIR-ANT5160V-R (6dbi) or 1 omni antenna AIR-ANTNV-R (4dbi).

For the remote buildings i'm thinking of using 1252a-n or 1262a-n in workgroup bridge mode with 1 directonal antenna AIR-ANT5160NP-R (6dbi).

My questions are:

-Has anybody implemented a similar scenario,point to multipoint bridging with channel bonding at 5Ghz?

-How reliable will be the use of 1252 ap in bridge mode?

-The expected total bandwidth/throughput will be 300/150mbps,so theoritical every bridge will have 60/30mbps available bandwidth/throughput?

-Which antenna model do you suggest fot the central building?

Any idea,suggestion about this scenario?

Thanks in advance.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Christos,

just some comments on this post.

1) using omni directional on head office , and directional on remote is correct approch

2) on remote office , i would recommend using 3 directional antenna's instead of 1.

this is to take advantage of different spetial streams and MIMO , instead of using only one antenna ( as you care about bandwidth)

3) regarding the head office we use ( root bridge mode )

4) regarding the remote office , you can use Workgroup bridge , or non-root bridge.

it depends on deployment.

do you need to provide coverage to few wired clients behind WGB on remote site ( less than 8 ) , then yes WGB is correct..

however if you want to bridge VLAn's between the two sites , then you have to use non root mode.

trying to go over your questions:

1) Has anybody implemented a similar scenario,point to multipoint bridging with channel bonding at 5Ghz?

if you care on bandwidth i would recommend using the 5 GHz , were you can use channel bonding.

if you use 2.4 you can reach 150 Mbps ( Data rate) , while with channel bonding you can boost it to 300 Mbps

2) How reliable will be the use of 1252 ap in bridge mode?

the 1250 AP should work fine with bridge mode , and about reliability it depends on RF.

so before deploying it you have to make site survey , and determine any possible external sources of noise / interference.

also if using 5 GHz , make sure no nearby radar /airport.

and for that i would recommend using channels that are not affected by radar

which are low range of uni-1 , 36,40,44,48

or uni3 , 140 , 153,157

3) The expected total bandwidth/throughput will be 300/150mbps,so  theoritical every bridge will have 60/30mbps available  bandwidth/throughput?

if you use 5 GHz with channel bonding , the AP's could associate with 300 Mbps.

for that you have to use either open SSID , or AES encryption.

but note that 300 is Data rate. including all headers and traliers from frames. and un-used bandwidth.

and you will get approximattely 140 -150 usefull bandwidth.

- now keeping in mind that wireless is shared medium / half duplx.

then all 6 station will share these 150 and i would say that approximattely you can get 150/6 = 25 Mbps.

4) Which antenna model do you suggest fot the central building?

you can use any omni directional antenna.

and it depend if it is going to be outdoor / indoor antenna to make sure it can handle weather conditions.

now antenna selection should be done based on site surve.

keep in mind that every 3 DBi in antenna gain , will double RF coverage / increase coverage distance.

hope this answers your questions

Kind regards


Level 1
Level 1

The 1250 series is end of life, I would use the 1260 model.

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Thanks for your answers.

I will inform you about the result if we finally deploy this scenario.

Best regards.


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