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Prime 3.0 Issue w/ Device Access and Deletion


I am having an issue with Prime 3.0 accessing a 5760 controller.  The device was being monitored successfully monitored recently, but now the device is not responding.

I have edited the credentials and I know they are accurate.  When I click on the verify credentials button, it passes both CLI and SNMP verification, but when I submit the sync, it fails with Wrong CLI password...when it just passed CLI verification!

Also, I am getting an error when trying to delete a device.  It just say device can't be deleted, see system administrator.  Not as concerned about this as I am about Prime not being able to communicate with this controller.

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William Kuczmera

Try synching from Prime. If the password was changed on the on the 5760 and no one has synched Prime and the 5760, she still has the wrong password listed for the 5760. I have also seen instances in the past where if more than 1 version of SNMP is enabled at either Prime or the WLC in question she does not work properly. Also, sorry have to say it... SNMP versions must match on WLC and Prime. 

If you are failing the synch the CLI passwords must not match on both devices. How many folks have access to your environment ? 

I think this previous post will assist you in deleting the devices in question. 

Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Mark Malone about a year ago
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Prime is buggy so probably hit something, if you access root you can delete any device ip using this , i hit a bug before an DE gave me this below an it worked

access root

then access cd /opt/CSCOlumos/bin/ 

Then run this an replace with the ip address you want to remove

./ "delete from ipaddress where replace(ipaddress_address,' ','') in ('')";

Then commit the change

./ "commit";

Thanks gents....opened a TAC case and it appears that the database is corrupted due to a patch overlay.  Working on an upgrade now.

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