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Prime Infrastructure 1.3 - AP audit status mismatch

Le Gazman

I have one access point which has an audit status of "mismatch", but Prime doesn't give me any clues on what specifically is mismatched or how to resolve it.  Any ideas?

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Sandeep Choudhary
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VIP Mentor

HI Le,

Basicallly, PI thinks one thing about an AP and the controller thinks  another.  Go ahead and click the mismatch link and then you have a  choice... you either take the controller values and import them into PI  or to take what PI thinks and force it to the controller.  Usually, I  refresh PI from the controller because the controller usually has the  most correct data... however, there are those rare times that I want the PI value to override the controller.


Hope it helps.

Hi Sandeep, thanks for the reply.

Where do I get the option to resolve the conflict?  I can see the mismatch in Device Work Center >

Device Group > Device Type > Unified AP - but I don't get the option to resolve.  Should I be looking somewhere else?

HI Le,

First change the PI view to classic theme:

Just like screenshot.

Then go to Configure>AccessPoint.

Then goto the audit sattus of that AP and Click on Mismatch.


Thanks, it's wierd that the new Infrastructure view doesn't let you resolve things, isn't it?  I tried refreshing the config from the controller to Prime, but I can't seem to resolve the conflict.

Prime says the AP doesn't exist on the controller but I moved the AP over when it booted up, and when I logon directly to the WLC I can see the AP in question listed.  Do I need to perhaps reboot the AP itself?

Hi Le,

Yes the new view is little bit complecated to understand so even I chaged to the classic view to resolve all kind of problems.

Yes reboot it and try again.

PI is far slow as comapre to WCS or NCS sow ait for few minutes and then see in Configure>Access Point list.


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