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Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Maps Floorplans

I am new to Prime Infrastructure, and have recently deployed a PI 2.0 with a MSE 7.4 for the purpose of Tracking WiFi clients, as well as AeroScout Tag Tracking and reporting with AeroScout's Mobile View.   The site where this system is deployed has floor levels that are of different sizes.  It is a hospital that has added new wings or towers over the years, but all the buildings are connected at the first floor.  

I created a Campus with an aerial photo from Google Earth.   Got the first floor map and its overall outer dimensions from the plant engineering dept and added this as a building on the campus map.   I then added each floor to the building.  

Each subsequent floor map is smaller than the original size of the 1st floor footprint, because these upper floors are in tower buildings that are not connected to each other than via the 1st floor.   

The question I have is this:   Do I need a GPS lattitude/Longitude of the outer corners of each floor of the buildings so that the Prime Infrastructure can know the proper 3 dimensional location of each AP in relation to APs that are on floors above and below.  

If this was just one rectangular building with each floor the same size and shape as the one below, I would not think this would be needed.   But I am having an issue with a few AeroScout Tags  (doing temperature monitoring) that are in fixed locations.  Prime Infrastructure reports  its location changing between two different floors.  TThis happens a few times a day.  The Tags are being seen by seen by many APs (6 - 10) and these APs may be on as many as 3 different floors.

Would this help? 

Or is there a way to Associate these static RFID tags to a particular floor in the P.I. 2.0?


If you want to statically place an Aeroscout tag you can do that in Mobileview.  This wouldn't be a bad idea for a tag that is never going to move. 

I'm presuming your using the Aeroscout CLE for tag tracking and PI has nothing to do with the location measurements.  Aeroscout engine (CLE) 4.5 improved floor hopping errors and there might be some other filtering or changes you could make in Aeroscout's System Manager to help with floor hopping as well.  I would suggest that you contact Aeroscout/Stanley support as this is more on their end.



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