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Prime Infrastructure map and 3702I Azimuth/Elevation setting?

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Level 1

If I have all of my 3702I ceiling-mounted, what should I set the azimuth and elevation to in the map to get the most accurate heatmap?

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Saurav Lodh
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Level 7

very nice discussion over here :

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Saurav Lodh
Level 7
Level 7

very nice discussion over here :

Yeah, I read that one while I was searching for info.  I am going to assume that the default of 90* down azimuth and 0* elevation (that is, no elevation relative to the access point, not the ground).  I can verify the PI heatmap by taking out the AirMagnet site survey tool, I guess.  Kind of defeats the purpose a little, but better to be certain about it.

I suspect that you can point the AZ/EL indicators anywhere you wish and they will have no affect on the resulting heatmap when using internal antenna devices as most all are Omni directional globe shapes.  Although I usually settle for a big salad bowl.  

Yes AM Survey is one of the only ways to determine the affects of all those stuffed cube wall cabinet and desk clutter has on signal scatter and absorption.



Thanks for the input.  I was suspecting that was the case (given that the antenna is internal), but anything wireless (including my remote control) mystifies me so I figured I'd ask just to make sure.


@Saurav Lodh wrote:

very nice discussion over here :

"The topic you are trying to access is not available."

Any chance somebody has a conclusion of how the positioning works?

Honestly I find that map fairly trash.
In any case, it's a bit dependent on the version of Prime you are using and if you are using old or new map feature.

Anyway, manual for prime 3.5 states "Tilt—Values range from 0 to 90 degrees (cannot be negative). A tilt value of 0 degrees indicates viewing from directly above the access point. A tilt value of 90 degrees indicates viewing along the horizon. Values range from 0 to 90. The default azimuth angle is 0. "
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