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Michael Sales

PrimeNCS and Domains

Good Afternoon All,

We use a WISM2 Controller for our "Flexconnect" deployment out to our Districts. We started using

the Domain feature to allow our districts to manage their own domain. Create Guest users, Rename AP's etc.

When we used Cisco WCS, We added the WISM2 controller and the appropriate AP's for that district.

This worked well. The only AP's they saw were the correct AP's added in the domain.

We then upgraded to PrimeNCS!

now when we add the controller in the Domain, it doesn't filter the AP list even though we only add the appropiate AP's for that

district in the Domain.

I've tried limiting the users to Admin, Superuser, Config Manager etc...

Nothing I try filters their own AP's from all the AP's on the WISM2.

Any idea's?

Saurav Lodh
Rising star

When a controller or map is assigned to a virtual  domain, the access points associated with the controller or map are  automatically assigned as well. Access points can also be assigned  manually (separate from the controller or map) to a virtual domain.

Hi Saurav,

Thanks for the Response.

Let me give a bit of backround. We use a WISM2 as a "Flexconnect" AP service. All AP's are out in School Districts and register back to our WISM2. We used WCS to setup Domains on a "per District" basis and Assigned JUST the AP'sthey needed. We also gave them conditional rights to the controller to create Guest users etc. This worked well as the user just needed to login and he had rights to his domain, saw domain assigned APs, and had full management of their Infrasturcture.

PrimeNCS upgraded!!

Now, when I assign the controller into the Domain, the user see's every AP. Like they are a member of Root Domain.

Not sure why

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