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Question about WLC and other Technologies .

I have the following question :

I will be to implement a new Cisco solution based on Wireless Lan Controller + 6 LAP . But I don`t know if the Wireless Lan Controller can works with a 3COM, DELL or another switching solution distinct to Cisco Catalyst .

Reggards .

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Scott Fella
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It can work with other vendors, you just have to know how to configure the trunk correctly, etc.  The AP's most likely will be in local mode, so that is just an access port, its your WLC that needs to have a dot1q trunk.  I'm guessing its the WLC2106?

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It's an AIR-WLC2112-K9 . Then, I think the unique important requirement it's the correct Trunk Interface configuration between the WLC and Switch , What do you think ?

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Yes that is what is important. But if you know the configuration for those switches, it should be fine. I don't run into that situation very often, so I don't know how the configuration is.


Scott Fella

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