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"Out of the box" or "out of my mind"? (Wired Guest from 4.1 to 5.X)

Level 3
Level 3

As we all know and love, the 1000 Series Access Points are no longer supported past 4.2. And I haven't quite heard the fate of the 1510 Mesh AP's either. However, I hate for this to prevent me from going to 5.X when the time comes right. Since I use Anchoring for Guest Access, and you are not supposed to anchor between 4.1 and 5.x I've come up with a "plan".

I'll leave all my 1000 Series and Mesh AP's on a 4.1 Mesh Controller and instead of anchoring the GUEST SSIDs to my DMZ Controller, I'm going to dump the WLAN to a Layer2 VLAN. On another controller at 5.x, I'm going to pick up this VLAN as a "Wired Guest". And then, I'm going to Anchor this to my DMZ Controller just like I do my Wireless Guest SSIDs.

In theory, any "Guest" users on the Mesh controller will dump on to the Wire in a VLAN that isn't routed, be picked up on the 5.x controller, be anchored to the DMZ controller, and dumped in to the DMZ like all other Wireless Guest Users.

I was waiting for 5.2 before I did it, but what do you think?

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Level 3
Level 3

I suppose this really is not a "problem" but more of a design confirmation.

I'm really curious to know if this is a common design practice, a good idea, or just plain ridiculous.

I'm trying to get asimilar solution working: I have some autonomous AP350s which I'm not allowed to get rid of, and am trying to bring guest traffic from those APs in through my controller system as wired guests.

Haven't gotten it working yet - clients are not receiving DHCP offers (although the offers are making it back to the controller from the DHCP server). Will post resolution if/when I have one.

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