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Radio going down on 1310AP

Hi there, I'm experiencing some issues with a 1310 LWAPP on a University, here is the scenario:

The AP is directed to some specific classrooms and at a certain point the radio goes down or at least there is no more communication between the clients and the AP, but the association in the computers remain the same for a couple of minutes, after that the link goes down, but the weird thing is that the communciation to the AP via Ethernet remains up. We tested this and the ping's all were responding while the radio was down.

Steps already done:

-A new 1310 has been tested, same results.

-A new power injector, same results.

-The UTP cabling between the power injector and the IDF has been changed, same results.

-The port to which the AP was connected at the IDF switch was changed, same results.

I'm thinking as a possible solution:

-Replacing the coax cabling between the power injector and the AP (not more than 15 ft).

-Ensure the AC voltage at the power outlet is delivered correctly (110v) not less, not more.

I'm wondering if this steps may be causing the device(s) to fail in such a way, because if it is not receiving the appropriate ammount of power the radio module simply goes down, but as the ethernet module requires less power it remains up.

What do you think?

Any recommendation is more than welcomed; too much time has been dedicated without success.

Thanks in advance!


For the troubleshooting chech the Red color indicates an overcurrent or overvoltage error condition disconnect input power from the power injector, check all coax cable connections for a possible short, wait approximately 1 minute, and reconnect input power to the power injector. If the LED turns red again, contact technical support for assistance.

The power injector requires approximately 50 seconds to recover from an overcurrent or overvoltage condition.

Off indicates input power is not available verify that the power module is connected to the power injector and that AC power is available or that 12- to 40-VDC input power is connected to the power injector.


Thanks for your answer. I also checked that and the LED's look OK and actually the ethernet interface keeps working without a problem, because you can still ping it and at the controller nothing is reported.

Any other idea?

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