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Regulatory domain mismatch !!!

Hi netpros,

I am having an issue when upgrading several access points to LWAPP. The a radio is unable to associate to the controller due to regulatory domain mismatch. I have read that vesion 5.X supports multiple regulatory domains. How can I enable this feature on my controller which is running version ?

Below is the message I am gettting

"AP on the 802.11a radio with Base Radio MAC X.X.X.X.X.X(APXXX) is unable to associate.

The regulatory domain configured on it '-A' does not match the controller's regulatory domain: -N"

Your help is much appreciated !!!

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

Look under the Wireless Tab and then on the left there should be a link to Country. You choose the country the ap is in.

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Hi Fella5,

Appreciate your input but the Controller and the access points are installed in Australia, The Country Code on the Controller is already configured for AU. I am suspecting it has to be with the domain hard-coded on the AP when it was originally purchased. The model number of the AP is AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9 .. any idea how I can identify what is the domain configured/hard-coded on it ? There is a broken link on Cisco which could give the answer. Any help is much appreciated.

Cisco broken link

That is the link I was looking for


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Hi Fernando,

I think it's because of the FCC Compliance code. The "A" or "N" means that your model, which has the "A", is FCC Compliant. You should've gotten the non-compliant version, the "N".

Contact Cisco and ask them if they are able to replace it with something else. How did you wind up with a US version for Australia is a puzzle by itself.

Hope this helps.

Hi leolaohoo

"How did you wind up with a US version for Australia is a puzzle by itself". You know I have inherited it so I can't comment on this.

If the AP are for US then it should be Ok to configure AU and US on the controller. I will do that .. some channels might not work .. I will have to test that.


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