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Reset to factory default doesn't work on 1552i AP


Hello guys,

I need help with AP 1552I, How do I reset the entire configuration?




ap: ?
           ? -- Present list of available commands
         arp -- Show arp table or arp-resolve an address
    avr_echo -- AVR echo test
 avr_version -- AVR show version
        boot -- Load and boot an executable image
         cat -- Concatenate (type) file(s)
 clear_ether -- clear ethernet port statistics
        copy -- Copy a file
      delete -- Delete file(s)
         dir -- List files in directories
   dump_regs -- dump reset registers
       etest -- test emac driver code
  ether_init -- initialize ethernet port
  flash_init -- Initialize flash filesystem(s)
      format -- Format a filesystem
        fsck -- Check filesystem consistency
        help -- Present list of available commands
    init_pci -- initialize pci bridge
    led_test -- cycle led patterns
 load_helper -- Load and initialize a helper image
      memory -- Present memory heap utilization information
       mkdir -- Create dir(s)
        more -- Concatenate (display) file(s)
      rename -- Rename a file
       reset -- Reset the system
       rmdir -- Delete empty dir(s)
         set -- Set or display environment variables
    set_baud -- set baud rates
   set_sleep -- Pause (sleep) for a specified number of seconds
  show_ether -- show ethernet port statistics
    show_mem -- show memory
    show_pci -- show pci setting
  show_power -- show AVR power source
  show_reset -- show reset status
switch status -- report push button switch status
         tar -- extract or listing a tar file
    test_ddr -- test ddr
 test_ddr_rd -- test ddr_rd
 test_ddr_wr -- test ddr_wr
   tftp_init -- Initialize tftp file system
        type -- Concatenate (type) file(s)
       unset -- Unset one or more environment variables
     version -- Display boot loader version




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Your AP is currently in ROMMON (mini boot loader), usually this is because:

- The boot up process was interrupted

- The software image was deleted and there is no valid software to boot

- The configuration-register is misconfigured

Anyway, to factory reset the configuration:

To recover the software (in case it was accidentally deleted):

Hope this helps,


Hey Tks,

This process I had executed
The password for the User is not working, I need to reset and start again


User Access Verification

Username: cisco

% Authentication failed



permission denied Rename, I can not change the file name


1 - Resetting to the Default Configuration

1.1 Using the CLI

ap: dir flash:/
Directory of flash://

2    -rwx  265       <date>               lwapp_mobileconcierge.cfg
4    -rwx  64        <date>               sensord_CSPRNG0
29   drwx  1152      <date>               c1520-k9w8-mx.ap_kmr1_esc.201301251143
26   -rwx  64        <date>               sensord_CSPRNG1
6    -rwx  241       <date>               env_vars
28   drwx  0         <date>               configs
5    -rwx  7192      <date>               private-multiple-fs
30   -rwx  97898     <date>               event.log
7    -rwx  36        <date>               mesh_port_cfg.txt

25010688 bytes available (6858240 bytes used)

ap: renam

ap: rename
usage: rename <old_name> <new_name>

ap: rename mesh_port_cfg.txt mesh_port_cfg.old
rename: no such file or directory

ap: rename mesh_port_cfg.txt
usage: rename <old_name> <new_name>

ap: rename mesh_port_cfg.txt teste.old
rename: no such file or directory

ap: rename <mesh_port_cfg.txt> <teste.old>
rename: no such file or directory

ap: del flash: mesh_port_cfg.txt
Are you sure you want to delete "flash:" (y/n)?y
File "flash:" not deleted -- no such file or directory
Are you sure you want to delete "mesh_port_cfg.txt" (y/n)?y
File "mesh_port_cfg.txt" not deleted -- permission denied


The username and password are Cisco not cisco.  Make your you enter it with a capital C. 

I auditioned, did not work

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