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Rogue containment

Hello All,

How do you manage rogue APs in your setup? I know we can do this easily for wired rogues, how do you manage un-wired rogues especially user's mobile and other items acting as hotspot.

I am sorry if this is asked already.



Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

All this is done manually. You shouldn't have rogue containment on and RLDP really should be disabled on client access APs. If you have the time to look for these and hunt them down, then that is what you need to do. To be honest, you can't prevent people from bringing in their own hotspot especially now when a phone can be a hotspot.

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Shaoqin Li

what you can do is first classify them. As Scott said RLDP is better running on monitor mode APs.

unless you see some hostile entries like broadcasting same ssid, you primarily need first know how many/ what is constructing the rogue environment.

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Mark Sullivan

Since you guys appear to be running RLDP on monitor mode AP's only, can I take it you are successfully running SPT from an access point to detect rogues. What type of Access switches are you using?

found a document stating only the following switches are supported: 3750, 3560, 3750E, 3560E, and 2960.

Reason I ask, we're having issues with detection of wired rogue AP's

Hello to all,


years after the initial thread begun, I am having trouble with the detection of wired rogue AP. The rogue AP is detected, as a friendly AP, by an AP in one of our buildings, but SPT running on Prime Infrastructure 3.5 shows it to be connected to a switch in another building.


Any ideas?

You might be missing some switches in PI. If the intermediate switches are missing (or unreachable from PI), then it probably shows the "next best" switch.
Ravi Singh
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Please see the below link for managing and detecting rouge AP in your network

Thanks, I'll review

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