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Segregating traffic on Cisco Ironport

niketan sutar


i just wanted to know if it is possible for me to use the ironport S190 device in a manner where one of the connection will be serving 

guest traffic only and other connection serving the secure internet traffic only.

the guest traffic is going through the anchor guest controller in DMZ and secure corporate traffic through the foriegn WLC.

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when I look at the quick start guide, chapter-4 you cannot use the S190 to do the segragation into two different data-paths.

Hi Pieterh,

Thanks for the reference.

the chapter talks about different deployment models only.

I was wondering, if i use the model, transparent proxy with WCCP, i maybe will able to segregate the traffic i think ( i haven't tried that yet).

However, what i want to understand is, can i use the 2 ports to physically seperate the traffic. As in one port will only allow secure traffic and other will serve only to guest traffic.

in short i just want to understand how the duplex mode works. does it go for both ports in duplex mode so both ports can send and receive their respective traffic or in duplex mode, only T1 is active.

need clarification on this.

look again at the QST! port have a dedicated function
the device has two function each in two modes.
1) proxy
   a) single port in/out (P1)
   b) one port in one port out (P1/P2)
2) network monitor
   a) single port in/out (T1)
   b) one port in one port out (T1/T2)

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