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Site Survey Adapters - USB options?



We are in need to perform a site survey with the Aironet 1041N Access Point.

Upon reviewing the site survey software, it seems you need to use an Aironet adapter.

However from what i can tell, all the Aironet adapters are PCMICA cards, which most modern laptops do not have, and the PCMICA cards that do exist don't have drivers for windows 7.

Are there USB adapters w/ Windows 7 drivers that can be used to perform a site survey?

Thank You.

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Amjad Abdullah


I think there are external adapters that are supported by windows 7 (google for that and you will find many) but you need to check if anyone of them is supported with your site survey software that you use. What software you use?

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I was going to use the Cisco Aironet site survey application.

the client doesn't have $1000+ to spend on site survey software.

this doesn't need to be overly complex but we're trying to get an estimate on AP placement and the # they'll need to get adequate coverage.

our plan was to go around with one access point to use as a baseline then determine how far away you can get before signal drops off too much, mark a building diagram with where access point should be placed, move the AP to that location to see how far away you can get before you should place another AP, etc.

thank you.

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