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Someone pulled the CF out of my 4402. How to Restore?

eric nguyen

So one of our 4402's we had laying around that wouldn't boot and I found that the CF card got yanked.  I put a 32MB Cisco branded CF card just for kicks to see if the controller would recognize it, and it did.  However; I have no idea how to load the WLC code onto a larger CF card to get the controller up and going again.

Any tips?

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dude... if you contact TAC, they will reports that youa re breaking the warranty...

Mac address used to be in the CF on 2100 series...

I havent troubleshoot the 4400 series controllers... however might be the same..

SO if I really want to restore the unit somehow copy the flash from another 4400 series WLC if you are lucky you would be making it boot up..

not sure if it will still show up the same mac address as before. or it would fail at sometime...

Well, from where I insert the CF card, there's an "Assy #" sticker, a "Serial #" sticker, and a "MAC #", but no sticker indicating a MAC address.  I've contacted my SE so hopefully something can be done.

I think SE shouldnt do anything about it... if the unit has been opened is out of warranty.

The mac address is inside the CF, as data...

Well, we're a Cisco partner so we have some pull with our SE's.  According to one of the high level engineers for the WLC's:

"Back in the Airespace days, there were like 3 files on the
WLC. I THINK there way be a way to restore them individually, but it's tough to
come by those sep files these days."

So there may still be hope.

Airespace was years ago, I mean there is always ALWAYS a way.. problem is findinng that option...

Sincerely, the fastest way if you havent been able to copy the files from another 4400 series unit... is to request an RMA for this unit.. You get one fully workinng and then return the faulty. or request an RMA, take the CF from the new unit and used it in the old unit... and then return the new unit saying that you do not need it anymore...

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