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Strange behavior with two SSID's, one hidden and WDS on RV 120W

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Good day

I have interconnected three Cisco RV 120W WLAN routers using WDS (Wireless Distribution System) and a hidden SSID ("MyTestNetBackbone").

On one of these routers i added another SSID ("MyTestNet") which isn't hidden and meant to be used from users wireless equipment like mobile phones or laptops.

So far, this configuration works good, but there's a strange behavior.

On my mobile phone i can see the SSID "MyTestNet" which is correct, but also a second one with a scrubby name like for example "MyTtNet" or a name with non-printable characters in it.

Do someone has an idea, why a second SSID is showed?

Thank you


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Stephen Rodriguez
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

My first thought would be that someone else put up that SSID. Are you able to sniff and see if the Mac address is different?


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Currently i can't sniff. My suspicion is, that the first router with the hidden and visible SSID sends out the scrumbled SSID beside the correct one. To check it, i'll power it down and give a feedback here if both SSID's disappear or not.

I did a check; if i turn off the first router, where the hidden SSID for WDS and the visible SSID for the users are configured, then both the correct and scrumbled SSID disappear from my mobile phone. When i turn the router on again, the correct SSID and a scrumbled one are shown.

What do you think, is it better to use only one (visible) SSID for both, WDS for the routers and for the users mobile devices?

My first idea was to separate WDS and clients from each other and to be able to set different WPA keys for them.

Thank you

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