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Suggestions for WLAN Profile to interface tagging in Flexconnect solution


I have 5 WLAN Profiles configured on WLC.

AP's are registered to this WLC and configured in Flexconnect mode.

All 5 WLAN profiles are associated to management interface of WLC.

There are several AP groups configured on WLC .All 5 WLAN profiles are added to those AP groups and associated to management interface of WLC in AP groups.

In Flexconnect groups, WLAN to VLAN mapping has been done for clients to receive IP address from the respective VLANs.

Client authentications are happening and receiving IP addresses correctly.

My Question is - Has there been any bug reported in past about Flexconnect WLAN to VLAN mapping failure?...or due to some reasons if Flexconnect WLAN to VLAN mapping does not work, client traffic for all WLAN profiles will switch to default i.e. clients will get associated to management interface and thus will not be able to receive correct IP addresses from respective VLAN's.

Please suggest what should be better approach in terms of WLAN Profile to interface tagging when AP's are registered to WLC in flexconnect mode and WLAN to VLAN mapping is configured under Flexconnect group.

Thank you!



Nishant Jha

Jesus Pavon

Hi Nishant,


Which controller model, AP model and software release are you using?

Hi Jesun

WLC model no : AIR-CT8540-K9
WLC software version :
AP model no : AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9 , AIR-AP3802I-E-K9

Can't see a bug regarding to that fixed in the next (and last) release of the 8.3 train:
But! There is also a special TAC build, which might fix such a bug:

In any case, I suggest to upgrade to the latest TAC escalation build (you need to contact TAC for a download link) if you want to stay on 8.3, but your hardware would also support 8.5, which is a long term supported release.
The 8.5 train contains a LOT of fixes for the AC Wave2 APs (the 3802 in your case) and various improvements over 8.3.

You could directly upgrade to, but there is a possibility of double-download on the 3702 series, meaning it takes twice as long for them to install the upgrade. Just be patient in that case.
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