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Trustpoint for Cisco 9800-80 Wireless Management Interface

Jerome N
Level 1
Level 1

I am attempting to create a WMI on c9800 controller. I had used the pre-installed MIC (CISCO_IDEVID_SUDI) on 16.10.1 but upon upgrading to 16.12.4s, I am now unable to use this trustpoint.

Via the Gui, I no longer have a list of trustpoints to select from even though they are still present under PKI management.

Via the CLI, attempting to configure with "wireless management trustpoint" command, I receive the following output:


% switch-1:dbm:wireless:Default Cisco SUDI trustpoint name is not allowed


Also, does it matter whether I create a SSC or use the MIC. What's the difference?


Could anyone assist? Any help is appreciated.

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Nicolas Poirier
Level 4
Level 4

See Grendizer answer below

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Check the 9800 best practices doc, in it, you will see you need to use:

c9800(config)#no wireless management trustpoint
c9800(config)#wireless management trustpoint CISCO_IDEVID_SUDI

Jerome N
Level 1
Level 1

Thanks for your replies.
I actually found what seems to be a bug - CSCvr03501 - On 9800-40/-80/-L GUI, wireless mgmt interface should only list non-default LSC in cert menu


Appears the option should be blank as MICs are used a default. If i go to Monitoring --> System --> Wireless Interface then it informs I'm using CISCO_IDEVID_SUDI

Adding this info just in case anyone else needs some answers.
Yet to adopt an AP to ensure it does work.

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