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Two WLC but both RF leaders


i have two WLC Controller in the same Network und same VLAN, the APs are also in the same VLAN.

Both WLC have AP Wireless Clients online and the same RF Group. But both are RF Leaders and not see the antoher WLC?


Hi @Maddin B

This is actually the expected behavior. 

The WLC will act as leader unless you tell her that there's another one. 

 The way you do that is puting both on the same mobility group on the CONTROLLER tab. Only after that they will negotiate a hole on the mobility group.

 If you already did that and they keep both as leader, then, check then connectivity between them.

You can use eping and mping for this purpose.


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As per my knowledge, you need to have APs on each controller and these APs need to hear each other.

If WLC1 has APs and WLC2 doesn't, both controller will show as leaders.

If both controllers have APs, but the APs are far apart and can't see the RRM packet sent from each AP every 60 seconds they will both show a leaders.

If both controllers have APs and these APs see each others RRM packets, the lowest controller MAC address is picked as the leader.



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@Sandeep Choudhary Both Controllers have APs, see my first post


@Flavio Miranda Ive tested the Ping Funtion.

Ping = OK

mping and eping = not work


But Why? The WLCs in same VLAN and Network on the same NetworkSwitch. No Router or Firewalls between


You did not mention if they are on the same RF  group or not.

 They have to in order to get to know each other.


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Yes, both WLC in the same Mobility Group. The WLC see the another but both says from other WLC:

Status: Control and Data Path Down


I see both WLC say Mutlicast IP : but a Multicast IP is configured on Controller -> General


Which software version do you have on it?

Also, under CONTRLLER tab, do you have the same name on both WLC for RF group and Default Mobility Domain Name ?





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Version is both.

Yes, same name under Controller TAB in Default Mobility Domain Name and RF Group Name on both WLC. The Name from RF Group Name and Default Mobility Domain Name is identical, is this a fail?


This can be a Bug, if you are confident that communication between WLC is not a problem.

I´d recommend you to move to, as the version you are in is also vulnerable to krack. 


CSCvg42682 available now available now available now available now TBD
CSCvg10793 available now available now available now TBD.


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I move to 8.2.166.

The same problem still exists.



There are some Prerequisites for Mobility. Take a look on the following link and make sure you are on compliance. Search for "Prerequisites".

 For example, they need to have the same virtual IP address.


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