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Unable to ping vWLC Mgmt Interface running (for Catalyst 9100 testing)

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I configured a Virtual WLC using VMware which is connected to a Nexus5K via Trunk. Show CDP displays the information about the vWLC and I also created a L3 interface on the N5K from where I can ping DGW and another WLC (5508 appliance) in the same VLAN as the vWLC mgmt IP. In addition to that, I can see the MAC of the vWLC in the N5K arp table (because of the L3 interface created in the N5K). However, I cannot ping the vWLC Mgmt Interface. Any ideas? Attached the information.


I created a vWLC running because I am planning a test using Catalyst 9100.


vWLC Mgmt is connected to vlan 901




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Rasika Nayanajith
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VIP Mentor

Pls share Eth1/14 interface configuration (show run interface E1/14)



I configured an ISE VM pointing to same vlan 901 (pretending to be the WLC) and it worked fine. Attached the N5K trunk port connected to the VMWARE host running vWLC VM's (and testing ISE as well) on vlan 901.


interface Ethernet1/14
description Connection-VMWARE-Host
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 200-600,901
spanning-tree port type edge trunk
spanning-tree bpduguard enable
channel-group 114 mode activeISE-VLAN901-VMWAREHOST.png

That interface config looks ok to me,

From vWLC, can you ping its gateway & any outside IP other than gateway address ?





Ping from vWLC to its gateway or any other device on the same VLAN 901 does not work. BUT, the ISE VM I created to test connectivity vmware host --- > n5k (vlan901) and which is running on the same host/virtual switch as the vWLC, can ping multiple devices on that vlan 901.


I am still doing testing trying to find out the issue. thanks for the reply.

Hello AJC,

If you found the cause and solution, can you share? I'm seeing the same issue setting up a VWLC although everything on the switch port and WLC interface seem okay. Thanks.

Hello Guys,


i am having the same issue WLC management ip address is not reachable and WLC cannot reach the DG, even though everything look ok interface port of the WLC is tagged with the management vlan and vlan tagged across all the switches.


did manage to find a solution can you share it please?

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