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Upgrading a 5508 WLC Cluster from DIRECTLY to 8.2110.0 or later (8.3.X.X, 8.5.X.X)

Hi, I currently have 2 WLC 5508 in High Availability in the version controlling 3602 APs. We got new 2802 APs with version (They have Mobility Express Image configured as NOT Mobility Express Capable, so they work as CAPWAP and they should connect to a proper WLC without any issues), so we need to Upgrade the WLCs to the software version that supports this 2802s and still supports the current 3602s. The Cisco Compatibility Matrix says that the first version that supports the 2802 is, The 2802 datasheet says that the first version is the (This really doesn't matter, let's just assume the highest version My First question is: If I upgrade the WLC to version, the 2802 APs qith the version would be able to connect to the WLC and synchronize correctly? (I know the versions need to be the same, but I mean, I know that if I have a WLC with a higher version than the APs, the APs will get the upgraded image from the WLC and reload, and after that everything will be working smooth... But does it work if the WLC has a lower version than the APs? Like The Aps are going to get the downgraded image from the WLC and then reload?)
The second question is: Release notes for version 8.5.X.X, 8.3.X.X, 8.2.X.X show an Upgrade path that says WLCs can be directly upgraded to these Image from the minimum version of 8.0.X.X, and that from previous versions they RECOMMEND to upgrade to an intermediate release and then move to the final version...but the release notes also has a statement that specifically says that -it is not possible to directly upgrade to this release from a release that is earlier than Release like meaning that from my version I could upgrade directly to 8.5 for example... like it's recommended, not mandatory... so... Has anyone done this upgrade directly and can I dismiss the intermediate upgrade, and just upgrade directly to the final version and everything should be working just fine?
Thanks to anyone who can help...

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Leo Laohoo
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You can upgrade direct from 7.4.X.X up to 8.5.X.X.


Manish Mathur

The rule is that if the AP and the WLC image is NOT SAME AND the AP is supported on the image on the WLC , it will download the image from the WLC and will associate. The second question has been answered I guess.




Thank you. Is this rule specified almost exactly like you wrote it, in any official documentation of Cisco?

It's stated in the Release Notes.
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