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Luc Paulin

User authentification failure report

Is there any way I can generate a user authentification failure report.

We suspect an issue with the guest user creation process and we would like to track down user authentification issues. Has anyone found something ?


Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master


The WLC has no type of generating a report. You can either use WCS/NCS/PI if you have one of those management tools or maybe even use a syslog server and point the log to that. You should be able to parse the data from the syslog.

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Hi Scott, I already have the WCS and I do see the line that I am looking for within the events logs. Unfortunatly it look like I can't generate an authentification failure report and/or export the event logs so I can then parse the csv file for the error I am lookfing for.

In regard to the syslog, the user name that failed to authentificated doesn't seem to show up, therefore I can't generate report per user as what wer'e looking for.

Yeah well I don't know what else you can do. If your using 802.1x, the username would show up in the radius as failures but if your looking at local username on the WLC, then you have to rely on the WCS or syslog.

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Abhishek Abhishek
Cisco Employee

Hello Luc,

As per your query i can suggest you the following solution-

I don't think there is a way to generate user authentication failure report in the WLC. You can parse the logs from management tools.

Hope this will help you.

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