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Using API aginst DNAC to pull back health over time


I am not sure if any one can help me with this but when looking at the APi documentaion for DNAC a call for something like 


only gets a point in time from what i can see, I dont see how to pull back a status over time. For example if you run a report from with in DNAC dashboard you can set a time span of 7 days and see min/max and average. And simular with Meraki you can put a start and end time and resolution to give summary stats. 

I could of course do mutiply calls to the AP and get a status for at point 5 miniutes apart but this seems a lot of over head and a lot of calls to cover 400+ sites for a 7 days period. Can any one suggest how i can do this. What i am really looking for to start with is just simply pulling back the weekly health status of each site (network and client) with min max and average per day. 

Any thoughts or sugestions? 

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