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View the connected data rate of a Mesh backhaul link


Is there anyway to see what the actual operating data rate/MCS/streams are for a connected Mesh AP?

Seems like something that would be useful to know before doing testing but I cant seem to find that information via 9800 CLI or GUI.

The show mesh backhaul command for an AP seems like a good place to start but all the bhrate shows is the configured value of auto, but what rate is being used?

show ap name AP-MAP mesh bhrate
show ap name AP-MAP mesh backhaul

Doing a linktest and looking at the results seems like the next obvious option but you have to manually select a data rate or MCS number and even then the result don't show details of actual data rate and spatial streams used.

Surely each MAP that is connected to a RAP has connected at its best data rate just like any WiFi client, why can't this be seen?

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 - Ref :

Using a Link Test on Mesh Backhaul

Use the following show command to verify the use of link test on mesh backhaul configuration:

Device# show ap name 1542-RAP mesh linktest data 7070.8bbc.d3ef        
380e.4d85.5e60 ==> 7070.8bbc.d3ef

                      - Change command parameters accordingly , 
                 Also have a look at the  show wireless profile mesh ....   
   commands in the document.


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