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vWLC and Apple TV



I'm using a Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller in version with 2602 access points in FlexConnect mode.

I'm using only one WLAN with 802.1x authtication and dynamic VLAN assignation.

I have 13 wired Apple TV (v3).  In controller configuration I enabled mDNS and AirTunes service.  In Controller\mDNS\Domain names, I can see all my 13 Apple TV.

On wireless devices, the list of available Apple TV change.  Sometimes I see 1 available Apple TV, sometime I see 5...  In same time, on two devices, available Apple TV are not sames.

Do you have any idea about wich missconfiguration can create this confusion?


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I do not think mDNS is a supported feature in FlexConnect-Local Switching. Here is what configuration guide says

mDNS is not supported on access points in FlexConnect mode in a locally switched WLAN and mesh

access points

Refer page 109 of the below config guide



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Hi Rasika,

Thank you for your answer.

"FlexConnect Local Switching" is not enable in my WLAN advanced settings.  I undestand this specific feature is not supported with mDNS, not all FlexConnect mode.

More, with vWLC 7.4, I understand that I must use AP in FlexConnect mode.  Right?  TAC said me to use it like that.


Yes, to work with vWLC you need to keep AP in FlexConnect mode.

In FlexConnect, you can have central switching or local switching. If you are doing Flexconnect Central Switching (where all traffic tunnel back to your WLC) it should work. Only concern is you are using vWLC.

Here is what I have done with 5508 (with wired Apple TV) & local mode AP, set up works fine

If not working, confirm this from Cisco TAC (ie mDNS is works fine with vWLC in FlexConnect-Central Switching mode)



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Check whether you  have a dynamic interface on the WLC in the same range where your wired AppleTV subnet.

Hi Rasika,

Thanks again for your answer.

Yes, I have a dynamic interface on my wired Apple TV subnet.

As said, in Controller\mDNS\Domain Names I see all my 13 Apple TV.  So, I suppose that the issue concerns AirTunes announcement caching or broadcasting.


wlc>debug mdns all enable

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