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WAP571E access points does not receive any 5GHz signal

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I was trying yesterday to pair two units of WAP571E using bridge option at wireless menu. Succesfully at 2,4 GHz, with full strenght receiving signal, but if I try to scan 5GHz signals at Rogue AP Detection option, no signal is detected.

I try to scan 5GHz band with another device (Samsung mobile phone) just beside one of the WAP571E, and phone detected several signals, which have been not detected by the 571E.

Also, i've set a fix channel to the 5GHz radio (128), and when scanning with phone, it detected a very weak signal from the 571E in other channel number, different of the setting. And, even more, signal from the 571E appear and disappear randomly.

Both antennas in direct sight line. Signals @ 2,4, -40dB to -55dB. Channel 9.

Firmware is last version (17).

Please, i will sincerely thank you any help.

Jose Palmeiro

Madrid - Spain.

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Level 1
Level 1

Hi there, we've had the same issue as you described, all you need to do is ensure that the settings for the 5GHz band are for both APs set the same also if possible use a specific channel and 80MHz frequency, after that just input manually each respective MAC to the designated remote AP  (i.e on AP1 I’ve set the MAC of AP 2 and on AP2 I’ve set the MAC of AP1) in the WDS Bridge settings and the bridge should be up without any problems.

Thanks & Regards

LightInWire Team

Gozo - Malta

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