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WCS to Prime

If I buy a migration from WCS to Prime using the part code below, is it possible to install it as a new deployment or will i have to use a migration tool?





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WCS 7.0 to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Migration




Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

I don't see why not... the only thing is what about your licenses?  Part of the migration at least from WCS to NCS 1.0 was the export of data also brought over your licenses.  With NCS 1.1, you actually didn't have to migrate the license, as you ordered them also.  So with WCS to PI, I'm guessing your licence will not migrate, but you have to make sure you put in for your licenses that you have in WCS.  I don't know how the ordering process works, since I'm not a pre-sales engineer, but that is something you need to find out.  But yes... you could skip the import of the data if you want, but if you have a lot of map's, etc, you might want to export WCS data and then do an import.



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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Before you go and buy, make sure you know the requirements needed to go to NCS Prime or Prime Infrastructure.

One of the biggest "gotchas" is the requirement of ESX/ESXi VM. 

The top level SKU for a WCS to Prime 1.2 migration appears as R-W-PI12-M-K9.  However you need to migrate from WCS to NCS and then NCS to Prime 1.2

Unfortunately the licenses generated on CCW don't appear to give you a license for NCS to help with the migration.

Has anyone got any ideas how this is carried out manually ?

Qty N.B :- Migration process follows WCS 7.0 - NCS 1.1 - Prime Infrastructure 1.2Code
Migrate Existing 150 WCS AP Licenses To PI 1.2
1WCS 7.0 to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 MigrationR-W-PI12-M-K9
1Prime Infrastructure 1.2 - Lifecycle - 50 Device Lic PAKL-PI12-LF-50-LIC
1Prime Infrastructure LMS 4.2 - 50 Device Upgrade LicL-PILMS42-50-M
1Prime Infrastructure 1.2 - Lifecycle - 100 Device Lic PAKL-PI12-LF-100-LIC
1Prime Infrastructure LMS 4.2 - 100 Device Upgrade LicL-PILMS42-100-M
1WCS to Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Migration 50 DeviceL-W-PI12-50-M
1WCS to Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Migration 100 DeviceL-W-PI12-100-M

You can use an eval version of NCS for the migration, you don't need a fully licensed version since it will only be installed long enough to get you over to Prime.

Saurav Lodh
Rising star

You must upgrade the Cisco WCS server to one of the  following releases before you attempt to perform the migration process  to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2:




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