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WGB with a 9800-L-C Controller and two 1572-EAC Outdoor APs


Attempting to wirelessly bridge two buildings using two 1572-EAC APs and a 9800-L-C.  Wired clients in the second building must be able to access LAN in the first building.

So far have the 1572s registered as Mesh APs to the controller.  Both APs are in Bridge mode.  One is Root, the other Mesh.  The Mesh AP can wirelessly register with the Controller via the Root AP.

I've tried setting the Ethernet0 port on the Mesh AP as both an access port and a trunk port, but in either case the switch it's connected to can't ping anything (despite all appropriate SVIs showing up/up on the switch).


However ... I'm now reading documentation which says the APs must be reimaged to Autonomous mode and strictly config'd via the CLI.  Is this right?  If correct, should one or both APs be placed into Autonomous mode?  Or was I on the right track to begin with?  Completely confused, and different documentation seems to be telling me to do different things.


Happy to post any shows / configs, etc, as this is strictly in lab right now.  Any help would be AMAZING ... 

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 You are in the right direction. It must be some detail. Take a close look on this guide: 



 - Also useful is to have configuration check on  the 9800-L-C for that use (CLI) show tech wireless , have the output analyzed by :


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Arshad Safrulla
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You do not need autonomous image to get the MAP and RAP setup working. You can do that while the AP's are in LWAP mode. in your Mesh profile pls check whether Ethernet bridging and VLAN transparent is enabled? Also once enabled you need to configure switchports as trunk with native VLAN set as the management VLAN.

Can you post the below;

sh wire profile mesh detail <Mesh profile name> and screenshot of mesh profile in GUI


Also you can follow the below guide which covers almost all about RAP/MAP setup

Mesh Deployment Guide for Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers, Cisco IOS XE Amsterdam 17.1

Hi Arshad,


Thanks for the input.  Below is the requested output:


Test-WiFi#sh wire profile mesh det Mesh-Test

Mesh Profile Name : Mesh-Test
Description : Mesh Test
Bridge Group Name : M-Group
Strict match BGN : DISABLED
Background Scan : ENABLED
Channel Change Notification : ENABLED
Backhaul client access : ENABLED
Ethernet Bridging : ENABLED
Ethernet Vlan Transparent : ENABLED
Daisy Chain STP Redundancy : DISABLED
Full Sector DFS : ENABLED
Multicast Mode : In-Out
Range in feet : 12000
Security Mode : PSK
Convergence Method : Standard
LSC only Authentication : DISABLED
Battery State : ENABLED
Authorization Method : mesh-author
Authentication Method : mesh-authent
Backhaul tx rate(802.11bg) : auto
Backhaul tx rate(802.11a) : auto


AP Name [Hop Ctr,Link SNR,BG Name,Channel,Pref Parent,Chan Util,Clients]
[Sector 1]
TEST-AP-1 [0, 0, M-Group, (36,40), 0000.0000.0000, 18%, 0]
|-TEST-AP-2 [1, 63, M-Group, (36,40), TEST-AP-1, 6%, 0]
Number of Bridge APs : 2
Number of RAPs : 1
Number of MAPs : 1
(*) Wait for 3 minutes to update or Ethernet Connected Mesh AP.
(**) Not in this Controller


Mesh Profile 1.PNG

Mesh Profile 2.PNG


Ultimate goal is to establish a WGB off of the second AP, which is a non-root Mesh AP.  What I'm now running into: when a switch is trunked to the second AP, both APs (root and non-root) almost immediately disjoin the controller.



Hi Matt,

Disable Ethernet Vlan Transparent : ENABLED in your mesh profile. 

Please make use of the management vlan as native vlan under your switchport config.

interface gigx/x/x

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk native vlan XXX(management VLAN)

switchport trunk allowed VLAN xxx-yyy

spanning tree portfast trunk

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