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what is theorotical max for clients/radio AP 9130 and recommended clients per radio?

Also could someone tell me the speed of clients as number of clients go up.

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As per experience there is no thumb rule, its all depends on the requirement client to client, site to site and business to business.


best i have seen or achieved was  15-25 clients per AP on before Cat 9K coming to market, Cat 9K still new to market, i have some to test but at this situation we hard to get down time tme to role out and test it.



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Lot of different things to take into account:

Client data rates/ signal strength, SNR, Co Channel, interference etc

the thing you need to take into account is the uplinks as well, how big of pipe you have from AP to services clients accessing. You might only get 10mb for a single client if thats all the WAN pipe is and its the only client.


As a rule of thumb you need to design for the clients connecting to the AP and the SNR/ RSSI they require. I would work on 20-30 clients for high throughput devices connecting until more clients are AX and then its anyones guess how well that is going to work.



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With a question like this, I would recommend getting a wireless site survey done properly.
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I’m going to add to what everyone else has already posted. Every environment is different and the rule of thumb is what everyone typically follows, just because wireless is half duplex just like the old school hubs back in the day’s. You question is not specific to the 9130’s but to any wireless AP’s be cause you will still have a mix of client types that support different protocols and users having different needs. Stick with the rule of thumb like someone posted, understand your users and environment and get a survey done like Leo mentioned. Proper placement that incorporates density and roaming is the key to success.
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