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Why does a single client show as ipv6 on Client Monitoring?

This one client shows in this format when it connects to a certain WAP. When it connects to another, it shows as a normal ipv4 address. But  when it's in this ipv6 form, it doesn't connect to the internet but will be associated to the WAP. None of the other devices seem to have an issue .



So far I've made sure the security on the WAP is consistent, the client has DHCP on (tested it with a static also but that didn't work), the mac is authenticated, pushed the credentials to the SSID we're trying to connect to, and made sure the DNS suffix was right on the wifi properties of the client. Not sure what else I can attempt.

ipv6 wlc.png

VIP Advisor

This client hasn't received an IPv4 address probably, or is in standby mode or similar.
In any case, you can probably ignore it. fe80 in IPv6 is a local network address which is not routed and self-assigned by the client.

Well we went and deleted the given PC's entry in the DHCP table to ensure it would receive a new IP.

I can't ignore it since the machine won't connect to the internet.


In that case I would try to capture DHCP packets directly on the client, for example with Wireshark. I think the client might have a problem or driver issue.
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