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windows clients are connecting to two different SSID's while roaming

Hi Experts, We have controller based set-up with intra mobility.. We had one SSID configured with auth and encrytion as WPA-TKIP however we wanted to introduce one SSID for 802.11n support client to check the performance with .11n so instead of deleting we introduced one new SSID with same vlan and same dynamic interface .both SSID are working fine but now we are seeing that client when roaming ,they are connecting to old SSID instead of new SSID ...client machine is windows 8 and some are 7 new said is configured with WPA2-aes. My concern as why client is jumping to old SSID while roaming between AP's...couldd you guide me to trobleshoot this issue?
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Rasika Nayanajith
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VIP Mentor

Unless you have TKIP only supported clients, You could shutdown the old SSID.

Is it possible ?


Hi ,


Thanks for your reply ...we have requirement is to keep this SSID for some time since there are clients which are working only with TKIP however that is causing issue with most of the client which are working with WPA2 AES .


Any suggestion that how to find out the reason of moving to different SSID in controller ?  by any chance , anything can be changed on client machine ?

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