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WIPS Alarms not showing on Cisco Prime

Level 1
Level 1

From the MSE wips-cli (/opt/mse/wips/bin/wips_cli) when i do


wIPS>show alarm list             

Key Type Src MAC First Time LastTime Active TimeZone IsServerAlarm ChannelBandWidth
171826057 224 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 2019/01/08 19:07:14 2019/01/08 19:07:14 0 0 0 20
231087158 219 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 2019/01/08 16:20:02 2019/01/08 16:20:02 0 0 0 20
359284393 224 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 2019/01/08 15:08:42 2019/01/08 15:08:42 0 0 0 20


i can see some alarms 


Furthermore the following command shows that a profile is active in my controller.


wIPS>show wlc all

WLC MAC Profile Profile Staus IP Cnx Status TimeZone
00:C8:xx:xx:xx:xx WCS-Default-10_17_2018_02_50_32_13 Policy active on controller x.x.x.x Active 0


However i can't see any alarms on my Cisco Prime or maybe alternatively send these alarms to another destination.

I have 1 permanent license for WIPS in a 1832 AP configured as 

AP Mode:flexconnect


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 wIPS requires for WLC, Prime and MSE fully integrated.

 MSE must inquiry the WLC using NMSP protocol, then Prime inquiry MSE using SOAP, so that Prime can show up wIPS alarms.

 You need to have all this devices and make sure they are integrated first.


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Hi Flavio


Thanks for your post. Attached you can see the Cisco Prime - MSE reachability status and  CiscoPrime -WLC NMSP status showing that they are both synced.


I have read somewhere that both the WLC and Cisco Prime should use UTC time settings as this is important to cooperate.

I changed settings to both but still can't see any alarms in Cisco Prime.


So is there anything else i should check regarding the integration?


Did you created a profile on MSE through the Prime interface and applied it?

 Also, what we can see on sh NMSP status on the WLC ?


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I have created and applied a profile several times but with no result (see attached).

Attached you can see also the NMSP status.


From Prime i can successfully run a report like Adaptive wIPS Alarm Report where i see multiple alarms from the AP running as a WIPS.

However my problem is that when i go to Cisco Prime Dashboard\Wireless\Security in the Adaptive WIPS panel i see no alerts/logs as if WIPS is not sending live any alerts. 

So i was wondering in what way we can see live the Adaptive WIPS alerts?

Thank you.


Should be good.


Do you see anything on Monitor> Alarms and Events >  Security ?





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Hi Flavio


Thanks for responding.

Unfortunately i can't see any alarms in the Alarms and Events\security.

But if i ran a report for WIPS i can see alarms.

On the WLC under the MANAGEMENT,  Trap control and security try to check all the option if not. Lastly consider to upgrade your Cisco prime, if possible. 



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