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Wireless AC Clients Randomly Disconnect


Users are being randomly disconnected from the wireless APs, all users are not disconnected at the same time.


When Windows clients are disconnected they receive the "globe" rather connected icon. After about 10-15 seconds the connectivity is restored without the user taking any action.


There is no indication they are being disconnected from the wireless network. We have received another incident where a Apple Macbook was disconnected so we are certain this is not specifically a windows problem.


The SSID is configured for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands with PSK and the clients have a DHCP lease of 1 day gathered from a separate DHCP server.


Devices involved:
WLC 9800-CL (16.12.4a)
10 x C9120AXI-E (


Disconnect occurs across the entire office space, do not believe this to be a specific AP issue.


As the time they are disconnected is so short, I initially wanted to go back to the users and advise that this just one of the issues of wireless networks in a shared office space. The client however is adamant they want to know why this is occurring.


All APs have been updated to attempt to resolve the issue as have the clients wireless drivers.


Copy of the radioactive trace logs attached when a disconnect occurred. I was unable to find an official reference for what the state transitions mean so I'm guessing that if a client was in "S_CO_RUN" it has previously successfully associated so when a client goes from "S_CO_RUN" to "S_CO_ASSOCIATING" it is an indication of a disconnect?


Also attached logs from a Windows client but they do not match with the actual times the client is disconnected.


Any suggestions on next steps to troubleshoot?


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This is more investigation on each level : is this DNAC environment with  ISE ?


start with  below steps :


1. start listing what end device this occurs, or any devices ?

2. Only laptops or iPhones, all devices ?

3. what model of Wiless nic and Drivers on end user side.



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Thanks for Reply. Will review other post.


No ISE although all APs are running lightweight to the WLC.  SSID is configured for local breakout, not centralised switching.


So far confirmed issues have been identified on the originally listed HP laptop with Intel wireless and a single Apple (Intel) Macbook.


As the disconnect is so brief, it is not being noticed on mobile devices. For laptops it's more problematic as it can interrupt presentations and VoIP calls.


Users are not very cooperative, you know the age old "It works fine at home with no issue" response.

thanks for the information, do you have configuraiton to review ?


Do you have fast roaming / ATF enable ?



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