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Wireless AP - Need Advice

Level 4
Level 4

Im interested in setting up a wireless solution for one of our sites. We look after the Immigration application and at one of our internation gateways, immigration officials needs to clear up passengers/workers who come from various parts of the world, before they set foot on our country.

Fo this they currently go to the ship when it berth through the wharf and do the immigration clearance manualy then come to their office log into the network and do online update. The office at the wharf already got a link to our Central office, however I want the immigraion officials to do the immigration clearance online, on site. Which means having a laptop and do online updates to the system for immigration clearance

I want the wireless setup to cover round about half to one mile, where users get authenticated using radius.

This means I need to setup a wireless solution for roam around users.

Im all for Cisco and need advice on what to buy for the needed Cisco Access Points, Cisco wireless cards for laptops and other accesories.

Can somebody help


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Level 1
Level 1

AP1200 (a/b or g) access point, you will have to determine the number of AP by Site survey.

VPN concentrator for security(select the appropiate model accoring to usage and number of users).

PCMCIA Cisco a/b/g client cards for the laptops. I am not sure if you cisco has released the (internal) mini-pci cards yet. If you are buying new laptops, get ones with built-in wireless.

Level 1
Level 1

This link will tell you everything you need to know for planning this install.

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