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Wireless Controller Cisco HA - License- Active Standby- Redundancy


Wireless Controller Cisco HA - License- Active Standby- Redundancy

Hello, good afternoon dear community.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, time and help.

Well, the matter starts like this, currently we are more dedicated to cybersecurity issues rather than networking issues, so let's say that I have not worked on this type of requirements for a long time. As you know, as I'm sure happens to many of you, your boss tells you this date must be solved... and well, you have to do it, you have to comply...

Well, past that intro, the issue is the following:

Currently customer has a Cisco WLC 5508 Wireless Controller and is licensed for 100 access points.

Now the same customer has a "second Wireless Controller WLC 5508 without any license" and intends the following options based on their "creativity not landed" well the first thing the customer asked is if, you can place the second in Standby mode, replicating the same configuration, and I understand that is feasible in Active Standby mode and in the second case wants to... :

"If the main controller fails, can all the licenses from that one be transferred to the second controller? Can the two controllers operate at the same time by splitting one with 50 APs and the other with 30 or 40, as an example?"

So colleagues, colleagues, this is the situation, please can you give me some support regarding this situation.

1.- Having the first Wireless Controller Cisco WLC with 100 licenses of Access Point, when using the Active/Standby mode, the second one is also necessary to buy/acquire the 100 licenses ? must the second equipment have the same level of licenses ? or it can be with a smaller number of access point ? or it is not necessary that the second WLC has licenses, in the Active/Standby Mode ?

2.- Now with respect to the other point that the client touches, if the primary WLC "silk" some licenses to the other WLC so that the other one has 30 or 40 licenses, is that feasible? I understand that in this case if both will be operating, it would no longer be, with distributed licenses, it is still the Active Passive mode that corresponds ? or in this case it would already be a redundant mode of HA ?

3.- Do you have any tutorial, guide, step by step, references, example configurations, video, youtube, etc, etc that you recommend for this implementation?

Thank you very much for your time, for your help and your collaboration, advice, suggestions, details, clarifications, etc. everything is welcome.

Thanks for the good vibes

Greetings to all

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Haydn Andrews
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VIP Engager

For N+1 HA the secondary WLC needs the HA-SKU licenses 

SSO believe need to do the same. Can only migrate adder licences between the two platforms.



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Hello @Haydn Andrews , first of all, thank you very much for your time and your collaboration.

Yes in this case the current and operational WLC 5508 which currently has 100 access point licenses.

The second Wireless Controller is the same model, a 5508. This one does not have any license, it was a device that at the time or in the beginning, was being used for other purposes, but never had any type of license, it is the same model and now we intend to build this HA Active/Standy.

Then, to that second WLC 5508, which was not initially acquired for initial purposes of being an HA Passive controller, at least at the licensing level, it is enough to acquire and load the HA-SKU license for this WLC destined "Now" to be Standby and it will be enough (at least speaking at the licensing level). With the 100 access point licenses of the main WLC, being in HA and in the event of a possible failure in the main controller, the secondary will assume without problems the 100 access point licenses ? It is not necessary then to acquire access point licenses for the second WLC StandBy, only the HA-SKU license ? Please confirm.

Then if eventually I would like to use the second Wireless Controller, in "Redundant Controllers" mode, in that case what would be the level of licensing required for the second WLC ? in that case I would need the access point licenses and the SKA-HA licenses ?

Thank you very much for your collaboration, I remain attentive.

Best regards

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