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Wireless Controller Firmware & WCS

ChingTsun chen

HI Everybody

I will upgrade my Wireless Controller Firmware

But I dont know WCS will support manager new controller firmware ?

is need NCS to manager? or WCS can be manager new controller firmware all feature?

Now My hw is

Csico 6509 Sup 720 3b 12(33)SXJ

My Controller is WiSM2

WiSM2 is

WCS is

Thank Everyone!!

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Scott Fella
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Hall of Fame Guru

Well I believe that when you move to WLC code 7.2 you need to move up to NCS. Cisco does have a special upgrade for cheap til maybe close to the end of the year to upgrade WCS to NCS. Take a look at the 7.2 compatibility matrix. That will show what is supported on what version of WLC code.

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Thank you Scott Fella

is WCS will last version?

But I in website look NCS is For VMWare platform

is not support any Windows,Linux,Hyper-v platform?

Because my compary not any VMWare System!

so upgrade to NCS i think so troubled ....

have any method resolve ?

thank you^^

Jacob Snyder

Other than the compatibility matrix, is there someplace they explicitly state that WCS cannot work with 7.2? I couldn't find it in the release notes.

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In addition to the compatibility matrix, look at the release notes (  It shows what is compatible with it - NCS is, while WCS is not listed.  Not being listed means that it is not compatible.

As for OVA, it is an open format that is supported by several different vendors ( Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet chosen to include support for it from what I can tell.

Microsoft technet has a thread on import OVA machines into HyperV using a Citrix utility call Kensho

Haven't tried it yet but will need to do so soon as I have three clients with HyperV deployments



Back in October I was on a monthly mobility sales conference call with Cisco and it was said during this call that the WCS is nearing end of life. Now how accurate this is I cannot vouch for as I had expected to see a more formal announcement at this point... Current EOL info for WCS

I'm not sure they'll be releasing software updates for the WCS though as they likely would have done it at this point... Although you never know.



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