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Wireless Dropout issue


Hi All,


I have a Cisco 9800 WLC where i am experiencing Teams call dropout issue while connecting to the Guest SSID.This is an intermittent issue. Have tried debugging the client MAC but didn't noticed any issue in that.

Can some one please help me to know where to look at for RF related message in the logs?

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before you suspect Wireless issue, is this only issue with TEAMS or any other application also having issue ?

is the teams call ok on your network using Wireed network ?



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Have issue with Citrix as well but all these are working in wired connection .I am facing issue only while connecting to the Guest ssid and I have another ssid also through that all works good.


Could you please help me to know where to look at for RF related message in the logs?

Let's analyze what you have stated "Citrix is working well on wired and on other SSID's except for guest"

  • Issues might be with the guest vlan and routing, not specific to wireless.
  • Take a laptop and connect it to a switchport that is assigned to the same vlan as guest.  Test and see if you have issues
    • This will show you if the guest network in general is the issue and what you need to look into more
    • This will eliminate is wireless guest is an issue if wired is also a problem
  • Create a test guest SSID that maps to a different wired vlan
    • This will help validate and provide additional data
  • Validate that Citrix is working on wireless for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz on all SSID's
    • This can help identify is 2.4ghz and or 5ghz is a problem
    • Test with different devices so you can correlate what is working and what is not working.
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Thanks for the information, i may ask you anotehr this worked before and was stable  guest network ? or is this new setup having issue ?


as suggested other poster, you need to look the config and path to reach internet or other network resource you looking to access.



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How to Ask The Cisco Community for Help

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 - Always useful is to have an overall configuration check of the 9800-configuration for that use (CLI) show tech wireless , have this analyzed with :


Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

@Robo123 wrote:

while connecting to the Guest SSID

Only on the Guest SSID?

No issues (or dropouts) in corp SSID, is this correct?

Arshad Safrulla
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VIP Advocate

This is one of the most difficult issues to troubleshoot in the enterprise. My approach to this kind of issues will be to follow the below generic guidelines while I mostly end up with troubleshooting mostly from the client side and I use point 4 & 5 to maximum advatange.

From Client side

1. Make sure that the client wireless drivers are latest.

2. Make sure MSTeams application is updated and latest.

3. Make sure that the client is connected on 5GHz.

4. Use a resource monitor to Check the PC utilization (Memory, Storage, CPU) randomly when MSTeams to make sure client has enough resources. 

5. Install an agent such as thousandeyes to get more visibility and information out of the client.

6. Use MTR test to MSTeams public IP's to check if there is any bottleneck inside your network.


From Wireless side 

1. Make sure that the RF utilization on the channel AP's are in are within acceptable limits.

2. Use band select to steer clients to 5GHz and use latest Cisco recommended codes.

3. Use thousandeyes agents in wired infra and compare the outputs with the agent installed in the enpoint

4. Use NBAR based QOS and translate the same in to the wired infra as well.

5. Deploy correct RF profiles based on the environment (channel width, channel selection, ap location, antenna gain etc)


Microsoft recommendations related to MSTeams;

Plan users' experience of Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


How to Troubleshoot and Assure Microsoft 365 and Teams | ThousandEyes

Arshad Safrulla

@Arshad Safrulla ,Thanks

Could you please help me to know where to look at for RF related message in the logs? And RF utilization details. 

@Robo123 Please provide some answers to question in your post for others to help out.  What have you done and what have you discovered so far?

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Best way to check is that you need to have a Spectrum Analyzer like Ekahu sidekick.

You can also use Cisco spectrum expert if you have AP's with RF ASIC (Cat 9000 series) as this will allow you to read the spectrum while AP is serving clients.,Configuring%20Cisco%20Spectrum%20Expert,-Configuring%20Spectrum%20Expert

From WLC you can get an overview of channel utilization from AP prospective

show ap dot11 5ghz load-info

show ap dot11 24ghz load-info

show ap config slots

show ap name <APName> auto-rf dot11 24ghz

show ap name <APName> auto-rf dot11 5ghz


As @Scott Fella mentioned we need more visibility in to your issue to help you out. On top of what Scott already mentioned you need to give us like What WLC model, code, AP model, ap mode, client type, driver version etc.


Arshad Safrulla
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