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Wireless G speeds decreased after upgrade?

Hello everyone,

I'm having a hard time figuring out why we lost half of our wireless speed over g radios after we went lightweight.

We just upgraded from autonomous to lightweight with a 5508 controller on software version 

At our venue, before an event we do speed tests at commonly used wireless areas and would get 15Mbs - 20 Mbs to speakeasy.  After the upgrade, speeds are cut in half for the g radios (usually it's 7-10Mbs). 

The only clients that can get this speed are the clients that are capable of using the A radio.  Also, if we connect to a linksys AP (it's a temporary band-aid for a dead AP) we get the 15-20 speeds. 

These are all 1131ag AP's.    The controller has the default config on the b/g/n radios, the client shows it's connected at 54Mbs.  QoS is also default.  All SSID's are WPA2-PSK with default everything else.

I've tested the speeds on an AP with 8 users on it, and on an AP where I am the only one on the AP.  The network usually only has 12 active associations at a time during the day over our 8 AP's.  The most I've ever seen on 1 AP during the day is 10 users.

Anyone have an idea why we lost this speed using the same AP's but we can get the correct speed via the A-radio or another autonomous AP?

Thank you,



No QoS on the network.  I have two devices, one that can do A and one that can't.  They are connecting to the same SSID and getting different speeds.  So the VLAN and routing doesn't change at all.  We've done the hardwire and the speeds are very similar to the A radios.


save your configuration and do a factory reset out of your business hours!