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Heinz Kern

Wireless LAN Controller 5520


i´m seahcrhing some information about this Controller. Information on Cisco Page is quite few. In depth i´m interested which Access-Points the controller supports and how redundancy should be solved (i couldn´t find the information of an HA-SKU).


does anybody have a pdf or ppt outside the cisco page?


i also have accesss to cisco live doku, but i couldn´t find a presentation on that.


br + thx

Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor

Please move this to wireless forum and they will assist. Look for WLC admin guide

sure, i forgot to move it to the right forum. thanks for info

Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Mentor


Check this link:

5520 starting support from 8.1.x version.

so All AP who can support this version will be compatible with this Controller.

About Licensing:



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thanks for alle the answers until now. there is just one topci whic hsi not clear to me at the moment, regarding HA. 

i understand that this controller can exist in a N+1 HA-Modell (primary and secondary controller). 

furthermore it supports Stateful Switchover in Active/STandby Cluster. therefore it is possible to ude Back-to-Back redundancy vie the redundancy-port. 

does it also support this mode with a Layer-2 in between (to stretch between datacenters)?

is it correct that both Controllers have to be fully licensed with Access-Points in thsi scenario?

Prakash Parvathala


Please go through the links below for HA topic and 5520 WLC deployment admin guide which has end-end configuration steps and startup.

there is nevertheless a gap. 5520 is supported started from 8.0 or 8.1. this version generally supports SSO-deployment (stateful switchover) with a Layer-2 in between. 

but the HA deployment guide doesn´t mention the WLC 5520 (just 5500). in the configuration guide of the 5520 the part with HA-cluster and L2 is missing.

so at the moment i would assume that this controller doesn´t support SSO deployment with a Layer-2 in between. it´s just possible to use Back-to Back connectivity via the redundancy port.

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